Project submissions for Frontières @ Fantasia 2014 are now closed. Submissions for Frontières @ Brussels 2015 will begin in December 2015.

To participate in Frontières, the selected projects have to be market premieres with a completed script and need to be applicable to an international co-production environment where there would ideally be Canadian production elements (either in terms of production location, cast or crew, or post-production). It would have a domestic producer attached, although some exceptions could be made for experienced directors looking to find a new producer.

The market is open to both seasoned directors and directors with successful short film experience proposing their first feature film project. The directors should be residents of either Canada, the United States, or a European country.

To apply, the following documents would need to be submitted:
– Submission form to be filled out here.
– Screenplay (a treatment may be submitted by experienced directors, upon approval, with a commitment to have a script ready a month before the event if selected)
– Long (2 pages) and short (200 words) synopsis.
– Director’s statement.
– International co-production intentions.
– Basic production budget estimate.
– Director, Writer and Producer bio (as applicable).
– Private Vimeo link to previous feature or short film work.

Please submit these documents in one zip file bearing the name of the project to Stephanie Trepanier, Market Director, at Please also fill out the submission form here. Submissions may be in English or French.