2022 Edition

Frontières returns to Montreal for the 14th edition of its co-production market, which will take place July 21-24, 2022.

Official Selection Projects

After a successful Frontières Platform in Cannes at the Marché du Film, Frontières returns to the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal for the 14th edition of its co-production market in physical form. The market will take place between July 21-24 and the Forum July 22-23.

Frontières is pleased to announce the full line up of projects for this year’s official market selection. The selection features projects from 17 different countries with, for the first time, projects from Palestine/Jordan and Nepal. Past Frontières projects include HATCHING, LAMB, THE LONG WALK, SEA FEVER, VIVARIUM and RAW.


Director: Lucas Amann
Producers: Lee Stobby, Dane Eckerle, Daniel Brandt
Genre: Horror

When a new, otherworldly queer virus infects a gay high schooler after his hookup with a possessive older admirer, a portal opens, uniting their bodies, and he must fight to sever the parasitic connection before it literally consumes him.

BEASTS OF PREY (Italy, Denmark)
Director: Andrea Corsini
Producers: Federico Grisi, Giorgia Priolo, Per Damgaard Hansen
Genre: Psychological Horror Drama

The life of a lonely wealthy woman is turned upside down after a feline predator kills her newborn daughter in front of her eyes. The trauma awakens a dangerous primordial part in her, that drives her to live a new life and to build a new wild animalistic family.

Directors: Kat & Karissa Strain
Producers: Laura Tremblay
Genre: Horror

Twin madams seek vengeance towards a rival brothel out of retribution for their mysterious past with help from a dangerous creature.

BUGUL NOZ (United Kingdom)
Director: Stéphanie Joalland
Producer: Stéphanie Joalland, Sean McConville
Genre: Supernatural Horror

An English 15-year-old girl, traumatised by the recent death of her mother, is sent to a rural community in Brittany to attend a French summer program and soon becomes prey to a woodland creature which tries to lure her into its lair through her dreams.

Directors: Nicole Daddona, Adam Wilder
Producers: Nicole Daddona, Adam Wilder
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

Two alienated teenage cacti brothers uproot from their home in the Arizona desert and pursue all the trappings of human life in suburbia as a country western music duo.

CAMP (Canada)
Director: Avalon Fast
Producers: Michael Peterson, Peter Kuplowsky, Taylor Nodrick
Genre: Horror

Haunted by a traumatic past, a young camp counselor suspects her fellow female counselors of witchcraft in service of a woodland spirit that promises supernatural powers.

Director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
Producer: Pierre Even
Genre: Horror

When Eli inherits a house from his dead mother, a sexy, mysterious neighbour digs up buried secrets that upend his life.

I CALL UPON THEE (Australia)
Director: Michael Anthony Kratochvil
Producer: Kristian Moliere
Genre: Horror

When two young sisters from a housing commission estate chant a playground summoning ritual in the hope of preventing child welfare from taking them away from their drug addicted mother, they don’t anticipate the consequences of the demon that they summon.

JANE (Spain, Italy)
Director: Aram Garriga
Producer: Carles Torras, Aram Garriga
Genre: Esoteric Drama

Love Is the Law. Love Under Will.

QUANTUM SUICIDE (Philippines, Japan, Canada)
Director: Mikhail Red
Producers: Taro Imai, Micah Tadena, Michael Peterson
Genre: Science Fiction

A Filipino immigrant in Japan is tasked to destroy the "Quantum Gun," a powerful device that can transport individuals to a parallel reality.

SPACE BEERS (The Netherlands)
Directors: Bouke van Veen & Maurice Schutte
Producers: Maurice Schutte, Nan Reunis
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

A group of Scottish drinking buddies, and their new alien friends, embark on a wild intergalactic adventure to save Earth, and their local barman, from a god-like alien with abandonment issues.

STRAY (United Kingdom)
Director: Zam Salim
Producers: Charlotte Wontner, David Brown, John Archer
Genre: Psychological Horror

Gabby, looking to do a good turn, innocently invites in a seemingly ordinary albino cat; but its eerie, creeping presence gradually affects her and her family leading to dark and terrifying consequences.

Directors: Michael Borowiec & Sam Marine
Producer: Josh Ruben
Genre: Horror, Drama

A pregnant woman's life is thrown into chaos when a demonic spirit is released upon her home, possessing her family members one by one and turning them against her.

Director: Melanie Jones
Producers: Kristyn Stilling, Eli Morris, Melanie Jones
Genre: Surreal Drama, Thriller

A woman comes face to face with her most primal self after a hiking accident leaves her lost and alone on the treacherous West Coast Trail.

Director: Vusi Africa
Producers: Naledi Bogacwi, Vusi Africa
Genre: Magical Realism

The wailers want to be reborn.

Director: Anil Baral
Producers: Deepak Rauniyar, Anil Baral
Genre: Horror

When a family is forced to return to Nepal and take care of a remote Himalayan Palace, they begin role-playing as if they are royalty. It’s fun until their son is possessed, thinking he is the late Crown Prince. As the ghosts terrorize the family, their daughter realizes her imaginary friend isn’t whom she thought she was and has been preparing her for a very different role…

Director: Angeles Hernandez
Producers: David Matamoros, Angeles Hernandez
Genre: Thriller, Fantastic, SciFi

In an overpopulated world, Javier's life will end at the end of 55, while his daughter will try to find a cure to save him.

WEEDESTINE (Palestine, Jordan, Sweden)
Director: Said Zagha
Producer: Mais Salman
Genre: Revenge Thriller

Abbas, a self-righteous, middle-aged car mechanic living in Palestine’s lawless “Area-C”, where marijuana cultivation is thriving, will do anything to avenge his older son’s death. But Abbas’s task proves lethal when his younger son’s plans get in the way.


Director: Christa Boarini
Producers: Christa Boarini, Dominic Medina
Genre: Thriller, Magic Realism

A wealthy medical student is kidnapped for ransom in Guatemala City and exposed to the dark realities of a society with tragic wealth disparities.

OUTER EDGES (United Kingdom)
Director: Kelsey Egan
Producer: Jade Alexander
Genre: Science Fiction

Stranded on a doomed planet, a group of travellers fleeing their pasts will come face to face with themselves from another dimension.

Director: Mia'Kate Russell
Producer: Andre Lima, Matt Hearn
Genre: Horror

When you find true love, you gotta fight hard to keep it.

SEEDS (Canada)
Director: Kaniehtiio Horn
Producers: Jennifer Jonas, Leonard Farlinger
Genre: Action/Thriller (Indigenous Home Invasion)

Ziggy, mid-thirties, social media sensation on the verge of landing the biggest corporate gig of her life promoting genetically modified seeds is called back to the reservation and is forced to reconnect to her indigenous roots in a battle to save her people’s legacy.

Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden
Producers: Benjamin Ross Hayden, Avi Federgreen
Genre: Science-Fiction, Indigenous Futurism

A former military Mountain Métis sergeant must voyage across the frozen mountain wilderness for an antidote buried deep inside an ancient glacier, and embarks on a journey that brings him back through time.

WOUND (Switzerland)

Director: Tillo Spreng
Producer: Noah Bohnert
Genre: Dark Romance, Fantasy

Malik and Lina's newly found desire for each other will cause them to become one – literally one.

The Frontières Co-Production Market is funded by Telefilm Canada, SODEC, the Government of Quebec, the City of Montreal, Wallimage and the Netherlands Film Fund.